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Step out of your comfort zone, now and for good!




Growth happens outside of your comfort zone.” We all are well familiar with this phrase yet we dilly dally when it comes to letting go of our comfort zone. We feel uneasy to make efforts and get into the arduous learning process. So, what is it that prompts a person to step out of one’s comfort zone for good? Why comfort zone is always considered a no-growth zone?

It all starts with having a clear vision – a vision for success that inspires you to map out your growth journey. When you are pretty determined to take action, you go beyond your limits to learn something new, something additional that makes you a person of worth and value. It implies thinking out of the box and shaping ideas into reality. And when you learn to say goodbye to your comfort zone for good, your quest for growth increases day by day. You continue to learn and grow with every passing day. You do not rest on your laurels rather you keep your eye on the next bigger goal one after another.

Amazingly, this applies to all areas of life. For a student who is going to embark on his career journey, a start-up founder who is going to execute organizational plans, a woman entrepreneur who is planning her entrepreneurial journey, a mid-career professional, or someone who is trying to figure out life’s greatest ambition, the success of all of them relies on the fact that how willing they are to sacrifice their comfort over learning and progress. In short, if you are passionate to transform your life then you must follow this strategy.

“Step out of your comfort zone. Comfort zones, where your unrealized dreams are buried, are the enemies of achievement. Leadership begins when you step outside your comfort zone.” ― Roy T. Bennett

To enter the growth zone, firstly, you need to identify the barriers that are holding you back. They can be external factors such as the company of Naysayers or your self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder you from expressing your true self. Remember, for marvelous growth to happen, you need to get rid of the fears and replace them with positive affirmations and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Let me tell you the best part. By becoming comfortable in being uncomfortable, you allow yourself to discover your innate potential which was unlikely to be surfaced otherwise. You get amazed by the things you can do which you thought were impossible. Success does not remain just a concept but a reality that pushes you to hustle more, to acquire new skills, knowledge, and experiences.

 If you observe the life of people that shaped history and marked their names, you will find a commonality in them – they all happily embraced their uncomfortable state of challenging growth. They didn’t quit when they encountered failure or rejection because winners never quit.

By hustling hard, you let yourself uncomfortable which eventually becomes a habit. By going the extra mile, you reshape your approach to success and the learning process. Thus, you no more settle for the ordinary and target higher growth levels. As Richard Branson says, “If you opt for a safe life, you will never know what it’s like to win.” This is what differentiates a fixed mindset from a growth mindset. It enables you to embrace challenges with courage and a positive learning attitude. When you are okay with being uncomfortable, you no more fear the hurdles of your pathway. In fact, you consider them as opportunities for growth. You learn from them and move on to the next step of our journey with a better level of preparedness owing to the collected wisdom and skills.

In conclusion, it can be said that success has a strong positive relation with tough growth and making your life uncomfortable. Though it is challenging to kick your comfort zone for good, it is worth it eventually. This process is unlikely to be smooth and straight because lots of challenges will obstruct your pathway but you need to keep going.

To facilitate yourself with the right guidance, you can seek the help of a professional coach – someone with the sagacity and adroitness to carefully evaluate your situation and offer tailored guidance. Remember, a coach isn’t going to walk for you, however, through adept guidance, a coach ensures that you develop what it takes to attract and maintain success and an ever-rising curve for personal growth. In other words, you get closer to your desired ambition while also fulfilling the goal of personal development.

“She never felt ready but she was brave and the universe responds to the brave.”


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