Life Coaching

Every project and person is an opportunity to innovate and find better ways to deliver.

Classic Program

Imagine getting it all together, staying on track and focused to make more progress than you have ever done before!

Total Focus Program

Interior design & furniture projects for real estate developers and for owners of apartments/houses.

Bite Sized Coaching

Create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes with our gardening tips.

Counselling Services

Far more than just buildings, we see property in terms of its larger context.

Full Service

Efficiently You never does things half cocked - we provide end to end coaching services, programs and counselliing to help with the whole needs of a person.

Classic and Total Focus Program

YB12 is an exciting journey of progress and breakthroughs that will end in you having the best 12 months of your life. The modules cover: Commitment, The Red Flag Concept, Procrastination, Achieving a Balanced Life, Accepting Your Reality Conformity, Your Thoughts and Words, Handling Stress, Thinking and Living Creatively Mind Mastery Emotional Management

Bite Sized Coaching

Sometimes short, sharp and focused training on specific subjects is all you need for productivity increases, especially when time is limited. That’s why our ‘Bite Sized Training’ subjects may be of interest to you. Each of these programs are 2–3 hours.


Sometimes programs are not the right choice for clients so we offer tailored counselling sessions around stress management, anger management, goal setting, failure, taking action, fear and doubt.

Our Stats

Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking and relentlessly push for smarter, faster and more efficient ways to deliver while always working with integrity to ensure we uphold high ethical standards on every project.