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How To Find Happiness Amidst Chaos and Worries?




How to find happiness amidst chaos and worries?

Happiness! A term that we all want to hear on a daily basis, an entity that we all chase, a concept that is considered the essence of life, and much more. No doubt, we all strive to fetch happiness and contentment. Unfortunately, the obsession of becoming happy or wanting to store happiness makes us unhappy. Yes, it is strange but that’s the truth. For example, we burn midnight oils to fill our lives with luxuries so that we can be happy. But, we lose health in this process and, so, happiness evaporates. Likewise, happiness vanishes when we neglect the importance of precious relationships with our loved ones and also with ourselves.

It implies that happiness is a fragile, volatile, and easily available yet hard to preserve entity. It can be created from simple things and has less to do with abundance. It can be found in little moments amidst chaos if one has an eye for it. Let’s explore how we can make happiness easily and constantly available despite having the worries of life. Given below are the key parameters that can help you create happiness.

Cultivate a mindset for happiness

A considerable volume of research has suggested that happiness is more of an inward feeling and is created through one’s perspective and attitude. You can increase your happiness and overall satisfaction with life by cultivating a positive and happiness-oriented mindset. In other words, you are less likely to be happy if you don’t know how to find and pick the fruits of happiness no matter how tremendously filled your garden is. To be merrier, learn how to extract happiness from little moments of daily life, and celebrate every win no matter how trivial it may seem.

Happiness is about finding joy in smaller things such as; the perfect blend of aroma and sugar in your morning coffee, an unexpected compliment, the last cookie in your jar, a word of encouragement from your colleague or client, rain dribbling down by your bedside window on a summer evening, finding your old playlist, a kind gesture from a stranger, hearing giggles of a toddler on the way back home, having delicious ready-to-eat dinner after a long tiring day, hair flowing freely in a gust of wind, freshly laundered sheets, a long warm soothing bath, etc. You can extend the list to any extent possible. That depends on how readily you make yourself available to sip the joys.

Make peace with the past

A major reason for unhappiness is reminiscing about the past. Thus, you have to let go of the past, whether it was good or bad. Because in either case, it has offered you something i.e. amazing memories or a worthy experience. True happiness is about living in the present moment. It is about embracing wholeheartedly what has been presented to you.

Be ready to embrace change positively

“If you cannot accept something, you need to change it. If you cannot change it, you need to accept it.” – Molly Burke

Changes are inevitable in life at all levels and to stay happy, you need to remain open to accept changes. Gloom and disorder descend when we resist change. But when we gracefully accept all stages of life and the changes accompanied, we automatically step in peace. Embracing change is also vital to your progress and success in life. As Ben Franklin says, “When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

Support others in finding their happiness

Being kind to others is a simple and easy way to spread and attract happiness because the universe responds to whatever you are offering.

“If your humanity overflows, divinity will come in search of you.” – Sadhguru

Try to help others in creating their happiness as much as you can. It will double your happiness or at the very least cheer you up when you receive heartfelt compliments from others.

Detox your brain more often

In this era of information bombardment, it is not unusual to get loaded with disturbing thoughts that disrupt peace. The simple solution to unload is to take regular breaks from work and spend time in relaxing or recreational activities. It is essential for your happiness and emotional wellbeing or else you will fall prey to neurological and psychological diseases.

To conclude, a constant supply of happiness among complexities and chaos of life is not a far-fetched idea. Your hustle for work should not steal your happiness, after all this is what you started working for, in the first place. Extract joy from every moment. Make peace with the past. Disconnect from the outer world to detox your brain so you can resume your life activities with higher levels of elation.


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