Executive Coaching

Every coaching programme is an opportunity to innovate and find creative ways to deliver.

Business Assessments

We offer the latest in assessments from DISC, Herman Brain Dominance Intelligence, Myer Briggs.

Business Workshops

We offer the latest in business workshops from Herman Brain Dominance Intelligence, YB12 Total Focus and Results programs.

Executive Coaching

Partnering with you to create short and long term stability and to focus on your results.

Personal Life Coaching

Personal coaching for your staff or individuals.

End to End Business Workshops

When companies or executives are looking for coaching and training providers to help with changing business demands around increased revenues, employee satisfaction, customer experience and cultural changes they choose efficiently you because we have all the latest toolsets, workshop materials and experience to deliver to their teams. We also come from corporate sales and management backgrounds so we have also experienced these enviornments.

, Executive Business Coaching

Employee Assessments

Efficiently You have partnerships with companies such as Hermann Brain Dominance Intelligence (HBDI), DISC and the likes to provide assessments so employees can get an understaning of their different types of personalities and thinking prefeences.

YB12 Workshop Programs

YB12 workshops have been around for roughly 30 years with impeccable results. YB12 offer programs from leadership training, sales and marketing training, stress management, time management all the way to team building programs. They have it all and is backed by leading psychologists.

, Executive Business Coaching
, Executive Business Coaching

Executive Life Coaching

Our coaches have Executive MBA credentials, are accredited with the international coaching federation and have over 1000+ hours of experience with executive, business managers and employees of multinationals, corporates and small medium business.

Our Stats

Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking and relentlessly push for smarter, faster and more efficient ways to deliver while always working with integrity to ensure we uphold high ethical standards on every project.