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SMB organisations purchase differently from others. The buying journey is more considered; it takes longer and usually involves many people in the process. We help our local clients build their business strategy, sales development, marketing plans and our strong background in International business coaching and training so they can increase revenue.

Business Strategy

The most important piece of work in business. Using our proven 7-Step B2B Blueprint strategy process, we help our clients build out the big picture to market in this complex ecosystem.

Sales & Marketing

We bring end-to-end experience, from customer experience research, customer journey mapping, persona development and brand strategy to digital and content execution


Whatever your plan is, we have the latest in sales methodology training and business coaching programs to help your employers get back to selling and increase profits


Having the right business plan is important, equally it is also important to find the right people. We have people we can hand over for execution and operate your busines

Amazing consultants and advanced proven systems, processes and technology will keep your business and people in great shape!

We are passionate about helping others grow their small and medium businesses. We believe in building a very strong baseline of knowledge, education and experience to help business owners and leaders today. We have found that creating a solid business strategy blueprint is one of the most positive ways to get back to growth and to find the right way forward in and amongst challenging markets.

Complete B2B Business Services

for highest client demands, tailored for each outcome

Business Blueprint

A blueprint is a very pragmatic and visual business tool that allows companies to address nine important questions to describe the business model.

Sales Methodology

We have been working either in sales or helping sales teams for over 20 years. We have high performance backgrounds and know what it takes to get you there.

Marketing Plans

Planning is about activating your B2B brand across various media, considering the user experience, internally and externally, with care and attention to detail.


In todays fast paced business world, buyers are educated and know what they want. It is critical to have a solid communication strategy and to be front of mind.


Our team are highly skilled designers, writers and seo guru's. They have countless hours of experience and are here to give you the best looking projects possible.

Digital Marketing

Our people come from all walks of life and are highly specialised in all forms of digital. Digital marketing is an underpinning of the overall marketing strategy.


Coaching is also part of the umbrella to a changing business environment. As a business changes so does it people to be fully aligned to the strategy going forward.


When our team comes in with strategy some organisations want to run it themselves and some don't. We offer operational recruitment to assist with future direction.

Meet the Team

Highly trained business professionals ready to provide the best management consulting to give you a lasting impression

Damien Margetts

Principal Consultant

Damien has an outstanding record in sales and management and knows what's needed to achieve high growth. Damien is an MBA holder and ICF (credentialed business coach)

Anita Grainger

Marketing Strategist

Anita is our marketing strategist and consultant. Anita has close to 20 years experience in marketing strategy, digital and industry events.

Paul Thompson


Paul our life coach from the UK is a mad liverpool fan and brilliant coach. Paul has close to 20 years coaching experience.

Jane Watkins

Admin Support

Always assisting our consultants, allowing them to show their greatest potential

image of a girl.

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Sometimes, in our business journey we experience situations where we think we know where the problems lie but sometimes there is a broader approach that may need to be taken to identify the real business issue. As the leader and manager of the organisation you can't do everything well. If you are experiencing this challenge please call or email us for an obligation free discussion on how we can identify or provide a fresh and unemotional view.

What our clients says about us...

Every time I visit Efficiently You, I get a warm cozy feeling of familiarity and friendship. I always feel safe!

Mariana Lima


As a very fussy client, finding a professional place to get my marketing plans work done was very important. I am glad I found you

George Phan


The combined services topped with amazing personalities makes this business stand out amongst the rest

Jon Pata


The staff is incredibly well prepared, always on top of every challenge. They are also very nice and caring with each client

Kevin Muller


It has made going to a B2B consultant an absolute pleasure. Before, I was always nervous and scared of finding the right company

Sandra Tempah


Finding the right B2B consultant can be challenging. I am glad I found this company, it combines great service with amazing client care.

Marcus Blake


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